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Paraiso del Mar is located in a quiet section of Las Conchas. In Las Conchas we all work together to maintain the beauty and peace of this place. In addition, we have an elegant home with beautiful furnishings that we try and maintain to the highest standards. Here are a few rules to help us accomplish this and to help you enjoy your stay:

  • No fireworks anywhere in Las Conchas
  • No ATVs/jet skis/dune buggies/etc are to be used by renters
  • Please do not walk, jump, or run down the sand dunes as they provide a critical protection from the ocean.We are one of the few homes near us with dunes and enjoy their beauty. We hope you do too.. Consequently we ask the you not walk or let your children play on the dunes as this erodes them. Use the steps
  • Do not exceed the occupancy limit: 6 persons maximum in the casita and 2 maximum persons in each of the annex bedrooms
  • No smoking inside. When smoking outside, we ask that you pick up the butts and dispose of them as they are hard for our cleaners to see and pickup. Thanks.
  • No pets of any kind
  • Please conserve the water. We live in a desert and the city has limited water. We in Las Conchas receive our water from the city and the association pumps water to our cistern which we in turn pump into the house
  • Park next to the casita in front of the single garage door or in front of the annex or on the stone. Please do not block the double garage door. Thanks.
We want you to enjoy your vacation and relax. We want our neighbors to be able to do the same. Violation of these rules will result in a loss of your security deposit or removal from the property.

If you are disturbed by others in Las Conchas, please notify the guards and they will take action.

For reservations contact: Paraiso del Mar at ejlibby@prodigy.net.mx
or phone: (602) 539-4645